samedi 11 février 2017

My future goals and dreams

Hi to everyone , I'm here today for a new article not about my favorite series because to be honest , I think the series are so addictive that even when we finish an episode we keep thinking about it and think about the rest of the story and does not live the present moment. That's why I prefer movies largely but that's not the topic. I think you guessed I'll talk about my  goals and dream for the future. A life without a dream , a life without goals to reach is not one. Life has a meaning and a sense is determined by us, by our motivation and determination. That's why I do not hesitate to dream and do my best to be the best of myself so as not to regret anything.I think I'll stop talking like that because it's look like a philosophy's lesson. For me , I have dreams that seem to me realizable if a make an effort. I have goals like everyone else. Short-term goals, normal goals like to be more organized or to be less shy, to improve in spanish and to make more sport and other long term goals, not a classic goals like having a house,a car because life does not boil down to having objects.I really have different goals that most of people, goals that nobody knows, goals that I keep in the depths of me, and dreams that give me the courage to belive in life and to enjoy it and I would not like to talk about it because I prefer to keep them for myself ; but I do not mind talking about the job I would like to pratice in the future, I want a job where I will enjoy doing it because working should be a passion that when I wake up in the morning , I would be excited togo to work and do not pay attention to time that why I want to be a oceanographer. A oceanographer  it's a personn which studies the seabed,biodervisity and fossils present in the ocean and not just that they also studies a wide range of aspects of oceans and seas , including plate tectonics, a large biogeochimical cycles, marine organisms and ecosystems and links between ocean and climat change between oceans and climat change. The varied fields reflects the multitude of disciplines that oceanographers integrate to understand the   interdependence betweenbiology , geology , meteorology and ocean physics. There is a link if you want to know mre about this job I had fun writing this article hoping that it will be the same. The pictures I have chosen have a meaning, I hope you will find it.