mercredi 28 septembre 2016

Hi to everyone,my name is Elhadouti Amine,they also call me Hdt and I'm fifteen years old. I have just started high school and I can say that it's very different from movies and american's high school.I'm like most of the boys,I'm crazy about video games,I play usually on the ps4(GTA5,Rainbow six siege...) and I love to share my playing time with my virtual friend (They are from all over the world like America;Brazil;France;Belgium and Spain) and also with my real friends. Sport is a big part of me, precisely soccer and I play for my school.For me my group of friend is the other part of me, we are friend since we were 9 years old. Trust and solidarity prevail our group and they are the key of a good friendship. Today,we spend a lot of time together: we go out for a walk or to train and also go to fast food like Burger King. At school, I think i'm good student and subjects that I love are Science, specially Biology and History. In the futur i want to be an archaeologist because it's a fusion between biology and history.If I have to describe my self I would say that i'm shy,calm and responsible because I have two little sisters and I have to take care of both sometimes.

Im'proud of my country because it's has a strong past our grandparents have shown courage to protect it and i'm very thankful that why we have to take care of it. I'm proud of Morocco because we are in devellopement and also because everybody can live in peace and prosperity, there's a coexistence between cultures and religion. It's also a beautiful country, even if it a small one there are naturals environments like mountains,deserts,forests and beaches.

As a gamer they have to improve the connexion because sometimes I lag a lot . We have also to raise awarness about the environment and we need more green areas and more areas specially for youth)because our country is a treasure. We have to improve public transportation so we pollute less.
The Morroco Flag

My city Tangier 

Diversity of the nature (Marrackech)